The Present

Prepare to have your imagination charmed and your holiday enchanted by a book about change, hope, and goodwill toward humankind. This magical and fun Christmas story will warm your heart like the best hot cocoa.



A mystical agency exists that is responsible for creating Christmas Carol scenarios with preselected targets every December. Ghostly employees of the agency work in either the Past, Present, or Future department and each year they are assigned humans on Earth in need of being “Scrooged” so those people can reform and embrace the potential for goodness, love, and humanity they have in their hearts.

Frost Mason has worked in the Present department for almost a century saving souls headed down the wrong path. The problem—over the years Frost’s belief in the miracle of Christmas and what her agency does has started to fade because while many people commit to reforming after the “life-changing” experience of being Scrooged, human beings rarely change permanently.

Frost must find a way to reawaken hope for humanity and the Spirit of Christmas in her own spectral heart, while working with her team to save her 100th soul by midnight on Christmas Eve.

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