Halo, My Name Is . . .

Halo, My Name Is . . .Dig Deep, Fly High


If you’re just tuning in to my Guardian Angel adventure, here’s the ten-cent tour.

Everyone who goes to Heaven has a purpose, and a job. Not the kind with timeclocks and tax returns—these are celestial jobs full of fun, wonder, and afterlife awesomeness. Unless your job is Guardian Angel, like me, then the career description also comes with the adjectives stressful, strenuous, and super-complex.

GAs are assigned to protect humans who have the potential to positively impact humankind in a big way. Mine is Henry Sun, an incoming college freshman. But just because he’s an easygoing guy doesn’t mean protecting him is easy, especially now that he’s taken a turn for the difficult as we deal with matters of control and free will. Factor in demon attacks across San Diego, and an angel barely has time for a personal afterlife. Which I need in order to learn to fly with my new wings, master my latest portal-forming and mind-altering powers, and go on my first date with a certain handsome sir in my angel training class.

Yup, discovering the afterlife approach to soulmates, near-death experiences, and the boundaries of Heaven and Hell are going to be fighting for my attention this year as I undergo tests of my character alongside, you know, tests about biology and chemistry.

Too bad I have no alone time to study while harboring and trying to reform a demon fugitive in Heaven . . .

***Coming 2024***



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