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Story with a Soul.

There are plenty of popular franchises loaded with epic drama, steamy love triangles, and edgy rhetoric. What we don’t have enough of is genre-blending content that mixes the action and suspense that consumers love with unique characters, innovative concepts, and stories rich with positive messaging.

That’s what Culbertson Kingdom brings to the table. We are a content kingdom dedicated to bringing the finest fiction to life through series and standalone novels. What all works under this literary universe share in common are their roots in adventure, humor, heart, and enchanting premises, as well as their appeal to a wide array of audiences.

We’re talking stories and characters a ten year old, a twenty-five year old, and a sixty-two year old can all connect with and feel more alive from experiencing. No cynical post-apocalyptic worlds, no inappropriate close-your-eyes content, and definitely no stereotypical portrayals of female characters, or any other kinds of heroes. Just diverse, empowering, fantastical tales that make readers stay up all night with a flashlight under the covers.

Explore the breath of work in this expanding kingdom to fill your mind with magic, your heart with hope, and your soul with the transportive wonder that the written word was meant for.


What All Hero-Princesses Are Reading




“The Crisanta Knight series is the most gorgeous, awe-inspiring book ever written, never cliché or mundane. The series would appeal to Harry Potter or the School of Good and Evil fans, or people who enjoy learning about strong heroines. In addition, this series somehow acts as a self-help book as Crisa’s personal journey would strike a chord with many people and solve their insecurities.”


“If you want an awesome YA series, with fairy tale EVERYTHING and then some…strong characters, life lessons and just all around good vs. evil fun…GRAB this series.”

Angel, USA

“If you like reading books full of action, magic and a strong heroine, this is the one for you.”

Alex, USA

“I just go slightly insane over these books. Like when my mom would try to take it away at night, I would beg her for more time. And I cried hard in the finale.”

Lola, USA

“All in all, it was absorbing adventure that kept me up late at night and had my thoughts wandering during the day. It was time spent with friends whose introspective growth challenged my own… and it was a story I can’t wait to see continue.”

Christi Anne, CANADA

“I’m a sucker for quality character development. Especially when more than the main character develops. This book brought tiny threads of storylines from the previous books into a beautiful blanket that one could throw over one’s shoulders on a cold day. I literally can’t shut up about this series to anybody that will listen!”

William, USA

“Geanna Culbertson truly deserves one of my rare 5 star ratings. Her writing as well as character development is amazing.”


“I think the thing I love most about this is the writing style. It’s so smooth, you don’t feel a staccato while reading. It doesn’t seem like the characters jump from one situation to the other and the ever developing plot has hooked me onto this series.”

Sanjana, INDIA

“I’ve re-read this series twice and I keep finding things I missed the first time. Geanna is a genius!”


“Culbertson truly deserves one of my rare 5 star ratings. Her writing as well as character development is amazing.”

Alexa, USA

“I love how Culbertson has managed to make it seem fresh and fun while still using all the old stories!”


“The headline should read Harry Potter for Princesses.”


“I must say, I am more in love with this author and these books than ever before…if that’s even possible.”

Author Amy Lignor

“The Crisanta Knight universe is beyond beautiful, merging all the best parts of fairytales into one epic story with amazing and deeply complex characters. The series really has touched me in so many ways and will forever be one of my favorites of all time.”

Leandra, GERMANY

How about a Happily Ever Afterlife?



Check out the first novel in our new action-packed, soulful fantasy series about Guardian Angels. This original series has magical shenanigans, heroic main characters, epic world building, and goodhearted themes all the way up to the final page. Cheers to a high-flying adventure!


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